About The National Obituary Archive™

The National Obituary Archive™ is the world's largest repository of obituaries and death records with more than 55 million individual entries on file. Visitors may search the archive freely to learn about the deaths of friends or family or to explore relationships when building family trees or doing genealogical research.

In January 2002, we implemented a major redesign of our Web site to improve our response to the million of visitors who searched our archive in its first year of operation. Employing the remarkable potential of the Internet, we help people keep in touch, particularly when reliable information is critical and a timely response means the most.

Funeral directors across North America serve as Contributing Members to help us publish obituaries based on information provided by families.  To improve the completeness and accuracy of our archive, we encourage families and those familiar with one or more names in our records to correct any errors they find and to purchase lasting, illustrated memorials to replace the basic data from official sources. New names are added to the National Obituary Archive™ repeatedly throughout the day.